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With the sales tax changes coming into effect on April 1st, we're providing a guide on how to transition your BusinessVision and Essentials software.


Currently most companies have their BC customers set to the 12% HST. As of April 1, 2013, BC will move back to GST (5%) and PST (7%). This guideline is to help BusinessVision users and/or who use the Auto Post in Essentials. When running the Sage utility please read and follow their instructions:

  1. If you do not have your taxes setup in your tax tables these need to be created first
  2. Download and install the Tax Change Utility for Sage BV 2011 (7.5x) and BV 2013 (7.6x) or the Tax Change Utility for Sage BV 2010 (7.4x) from the Sage Customer Portal. 2009 and prior will require manual import (please refer to your technical consultant)

Once you have your taxes setup, you may proceed with either one of the two following options:

  1. To complete the changes to the customers now and ease the burden of the transition at the end of March:
    • Set your GST to 12% and your PST to 0%
    • Run the tax change utility provided by Sage. This will change all of your customers to use the GST (12%) and the PST (0%) from this point forward. All “OPEN” BusinessVision orders will be updated to the new taxes.
    • At the end of day on March 31st, adjust your GST to 5% and your PST to 7%. As soon as you access or invoice an open order the taxes will update to GST at 5% and PST at 7%. Your changes are complete.

    NOTE: Keep track of any items/part numbers that are PST exempt and any 'ship to' customers outside of the province that use GST.

  2. To complete all changes as of March 31st for the start of April 1st:
    • After the end of business day of March 31st, run the utility provided by Sage. The sales tax update is complete


Running the sales tax update for Essentials 4.12 and 5.9.15 must be done AFTER the BusinessVision tax setting has been completed.

NOTE: Any version of Essentials between 4.12 and 5.9 will require software assurance.

Updating the Essentials tax setting:

  1. Log into Essentials
  2. Click on Sales (on the Tool bar)
  3. Click on Update Tax Codes
  4. Select Open, Hold, Deposit, and Processed
  5. Click the Process button. Update is complete in Essentials.

    BVEssentials Sales Tax Update