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sales manager BVEssentials management software


Essentials SALES MANAGER replaces the Order Entry module in Sage BusinessVision and allows users to add and edit customer and inventory data, do comprehensive sales and purchase analysis and print reports that tell you the whole story!
warehouse inventory BVEssentials management software

Essentials runs on Sage BusinessVision, using it's architecture and table structure as the foundation. SALES MANAGER increases efficiency and functionality by pulling data stored in Sage BusinessVision files, displaying it seamlessly in Essentials windows and forms. But Essentials also adds a number of data elements and offers an impressive menu of workflow options that don't exist within Sage BusinessVision.

Our software delivers greater flexibility in data entry and better control over the order entry process. At the same time, Essentials generates files that integrate with those produced within Sage BusinessVision and as a result, once invoices are posted, all the standard reporting and control functions of Sage BusinessVision remain intact.

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Sales Manager is LOADED with Features:

  • Powerful Email system with built-in templates
  • Lot number sales with expiry date
  • Booking orders for future sales
  • Optional batch based invoicing
  • One click to see customer sales history
  • Save quote to customer specific prices
  • Onscreen customer credit info
  • Email to multiple addresses
  • Block users from all but their own customers
  • Select forms and printers on the fly
  • Set number of copies at each print
  • Automatic shop/fuel surcharge
  • Show current & average margins per line
  • Add Environmental charges
  • Pop-up customer & inventory notes
  • Save order follow-ups to your TO DO list
  • See inventory status without clicking
  • Move and remove columns by user
  • Substitutes with alternates when required
  • Lookup customer by any word in name
  • Lookup inventory by any word in description

Essentials gives you greater flexibility in data entry and better control over the order entry process.