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Seamless integration with Sage BusinessVision makes it easy to create rental orders, track inventory with confidence and improve your bottom line.
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Essentials RENTAL MANAGER runs on the powerful Sage BusinessVision platform and makes it possible for you to flow effortlessly between rental orders and your general ledger. Accounts receivable, sales history, inventory records and other accounting data are all easily accessible from an application designed specifically for your rental business.

Using Essentials - an intuitive software package that even new users will learn quickly - you'll be able to access customer history, convert quotes to orders, track the availability of your rental inventory with complete confidence.

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You can even rent AND sell product on the same invoice!

  • Multi-branch / multi-warehouse capability
  • Separate rental stock from sales
  • One click access to customer history
  • Convert Quotes to rental orders
  • Easily rent and sell on the same invoice
  • Process partial returns
  • Vary rental cycles by customer or product
  • Allocate serialized rental stock
RENTAL MANAGER will help you work more efficiently and improve customer service and grow your business.


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At Essentials, we help businesses become efficient and more profitable through the use of our products. Using one or more of our complementary modules, you'll be able to make better sense of your business processes, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line.

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