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You've got an order on the production floor, and raw materials on the shelf. Suddenly, the on-screen inventory you've been counting on vanishes. What did you do wrong?

Well, nothing really. One of your sales team just hit a home run, committed YOUR stock to someone else, and now you're scrambling for fresh materials and a driver.

With Essentials PRODUCTION MANAGER plugged into your business workflow you can end these familiar headaches. PRODUCTION MANAGER lets you control your inventory with pinpoint accuracy, reduce unplanned shipping expenses, and even streamline production staff scheduling resulting in improved cash-flow for you business and bigger profit margins!

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Essentials runs on Sage BusinessVision, using its architecture and table structure as the foundation. PRODUCTION MANAGER increases efficiency and functionality by pulling data stored in Sage BusinessVision files to track production order status and monitor raw materials inventory. PRODUCTION MANAGER also posts items to the appropriate inventory accounts when production is completed, updates the general ledger accounts as defined in the Inventory Sales Departments of Sage BusinessVision.

Once a production order is completed, the raw materials used in manufacturing are removed from inventory and the finished product is placed into inventory at the sum cost of the actual raw materials used to produce the item.

Our software delivers greater flexibility in data entry and better control over the inventory moving across your shop floor. And like all our Essentials products, the data generated in PRODUCTION MANAGER integrates seamlessly with your Sage BusinessVision platform. All the standard reporting and control functions of Sage BusinessVision remain intact.

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  • Commits raw materials before production begins
  • Link current production orders to sales orders
  • Customize production builds on the fly
  • Nest production builds inside of other builds
  • Schedule builds - optimize inventory and staffing
  • Print raw materials re-order reports
  • Automatically requisition material shortages and creates POs
  • Track work in progress (WIP)
  • Manage production phases with one click

Never Run Out of Raw Materials Again!


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At Essentials, we help businesses become efficient and more profitable through the use of our products. Using one or more of our complementary modules, you'll be able to make better sense of your business processes, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line.

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