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Sending Personalized Communications with Mail Merge

Your customers matter and it’s important to show them that they are valued. Whether you’re sending out a thank you letter or an invoice, personalizing your communications will help show your customers that they are worth your time. This, however, doesn’t mean you need to manually create separate letters for each customer.

Good business management software includes a mail merge function. This allows you to create a single template that can include dynamic content such as the customer’s name and address.

If you are still addressing your customer communications with “To Whom It May Concern” and “Dear Customer”, then learning how to use the mail merge function should be high on your priority list.

Watch an overview of the mail merge functionality in Essentials ▶▶

Here are the steps to add a template and use the mail merge feature in Essentials:

  1. In the Customer module, click on Merge Documents.
  2. The Mail Merge Documents popup will appear. Click Add.
  3. A blank MS Word document will open. Write your template letter.
  4. Under Mailings, click on Insert Merge Field and select which information you wish to include (name, address, etc) and add it to the template.
  5. Select File and click on Show All Properties.
  6. Add a title in the title field.
  7. For categories, enter customer.
  8. Save the file in the BVEReports folder under your BusinessVision data folder (ex. F:\BVData\ACME\BVEReprts)
  9. In the Customer module, filter and highlight the customers you want to send
  10. Click on Merge Documents and highlight the document that you just created.
  11. Click the Edit button. This will bring up the template in MS Word.
  12. Click on Preview Results to preview the letter for each selected customer.
  13. Once done, click on Finish & Merge to print or send your communication via email.

Click here to watch the mail merge feature in Essentials ▶▶

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