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Planning a Webinar

We recently held our first partner webinar this past week and had 29 attendees. The webinar was very last minute, but I thought it was a success and the feedback has been great.

We had a few hiccups along the way, and I wanted to share with you my experience in planning my first webinar:

It’s always good to know what you want to talk about in your webinar. Your audience has taken time out of their schedule to attend your webinar so you want to be sure that you’re discussing a topic that is relevant to them. For me, we recently launched BVEssentials v6.2 and we’ve been getting questions from a few of our partners about some of the new features since v6.0. This webinar gave me the opportunity to give an installation walkthrough of v6.2 and showcase our latest features.

We have partners across Canada so we had to be mindful of the time zone differences. Secondly, we sent out the invite in the last week of June and gave our partners very little time to respond. We realized that most of our partners will be on vacation in the next few weeks so it was important for us to have this webinar in early July. In hindsight, we should’ve planned this out a little better and given more time so that our partners can adjust their schedules to attend the webinar.

From the beginning, we knew that this webinar was for our partners so it wasn’t too difficult for us to send an email to our partner list.

Webinar Solution
We’ve been using GoToMeeting for several years, but had to switch to GoToWebinar for this event. We were anticipating 10 attendees because of the short notice, but got an overwhelming response when we sent out the invitation. With over 35 RSVPs, we decided to upgrade to GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar is capable of 100 connected viewers for $99/month, as compared to 25 viewers for $49/month with GoToMeeting. I was able to use the trial version of GoToWebinar, but will definitely upgrade to the paid subscription because of the extra features.

I structured the webinar so that I would spend 15 minutes with the installation walkthrough, 30 minutes on new features, and the remaining 15 minutes for questions. I am used to doing web demos to a single company where it was very interactive and I would take questions and answers while showing BVEssentials. I tried to replicate this experience and unmuted all the attendees so that they can ask questions. I quickly realized that this was not a good idea! The background noise was awful so I muted everyone again and asked them to type in their questions. This worked much better and I would suggest this method if you have more than one or two attendees.

So overall, I had a great time hosting the webinar and hope that it was an informative sessions for our partners.

I do plan on hosting more webinars in the future and will use this one as a learning experience.

Posted on July 9, 2013 by Al Romeyn | Permalink