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BViP Conference Toronto 2013

It was great to be back in Toronto for the annual BViP Conference! We had 10 speakers, including myself, presenting solutions on how to increase productivity, cut costs, and get the most from your Sage BusinessVision investment. This conference had something for everyone, from end users to BusinessVision partners. I’ve been involved with the BViP Conference since its inception, and it has grown to be the must-attend event for the BusinessVision community.

For my presentation, I introduced BVEssentials 6.3 and demonstrated our new features, including the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Account Reconciliation modules. This was the first time for many BusinessVision users to see our latest updates and I was excited to hear their feedback.

Here’s a few notes that I took during the conference:

This conference also included a session by Sage representatives, Daniel Oh and Siobhan Finders. Both reps made it clear that Sage intends to continue supporting BusinessVision users with product updates. It was definitely good to hear this and can’t wait to see what they have planned for BusinessVision. We saw what Sage added to BusinessVision 2014, and it included some of the features that users have been asking for years.

The following day, Sage sat down with the business partners and reiterated their continued support for BusinessVision. Siobhan Finders gave the partners a list of 55 features that have been requested by user and asked us to vote on what we would like to see. Of course, most of these features can already be found in BVEssentials. It's great to see Sage committed to improving BusinessVision. However, BVEssentials will continue to be many steps ahead with adding new features that matters most to the BusinessVision community.

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