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BVEssentials 6.3 and Upcoming Releases

The anticipation leading up to a major release of BVEssentials is stressful and invigorating at the same time. With version 6.3, it’s particularly exciting because we added brand new modules: General Ledger, Account/Bank Reconciliation, and Accounts Receivable. Most users can now work exclusively in BVEssentials without loading BusinessVision.

We recently hosted a webinar to introduce the 6.3 release to our partners and users. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recording here. The feedback has been very positive. Users have been telling us the features look great and are excited to start using the new modules. It’s good to hear this from our customers. We believe our customers know what makes sense for them, and understanding their needs help us define which features to include in our software.

We plan to add the Accounts Payable module in the next major update, and will also include all of the setup and company creation tools. Our team has been working hard on these new features and you can expect version 6.4 to be ready in early 2014.

So what does this mean for our users? In the 6.4 release, users will be able to create companies, set up users and options, and run all modules (with the exception of Payroll) directly from BVEssentials.

The next several months will be very exciting as we move toward a complete business management solution.

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Al Romeyn | Permalink