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Essentials has built a reputation as a trustworthy provider of computer software for "fee for service" businesses. We are apart of Tri Tech Information Systems, a provider of managed IT and hosted server solutions since 1986.

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Our Mission Statement:

"To Provide Superior Solutions and Support with Uncompromised Integrity."

We believe that our business should be governed by the same unchangeable moral standards that guide our personal lives. We refuse to sacrifice our reputation for the sake of profit.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.

We are convinced, after many years of watching business owners take back control of their enterprise that by implementing foundational operating practices in six key areas:


We believe that any business can become healthier, stronger and provide greater job satisfaction to both management and employees.

Our Core Values

PROGRESSIVE: Constantly enhance our knowledge to create or source better products and services.

INTEGRITY: We will always do what we promise. We will earn and maintain the trust of customers.

PROFITABLE: Every transaction should be profitable for Tri Tech, but more importantly profitable for the customer.

EXCELLENCE: We will exceed expectations. Create realistic goals and achieve them.

RESPECT: Give and gain respect in our relationships with the customer.